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It is thought that there are 12,972 5-letter words that are not plural or past-tense, including 2,309 words that are believed to be potential solutions in Wordle. Below is an Excel spreadsheet of 2,317 possible 5-letter answers to the New York Times Wordle puzzle. The list includes past answers and my best guess at unobscure possible future words closer to the Wordle library.


My spreadsheet is not infallible, though. There are plenty of words that the Wordle Bot says are too obscure to be viable possibilities that are, in fact, past solutions. There are also words that the Wordle Bot suggests that are known to be excluded from ever being a Wordle answer. For those reasons, there are likely other words that may or may not be included in my spreadsheet that might or might not be viable answers for future Wordle puzzles.

I hope you find this spreadsheet useful. I use it so that I don't waste a line on a past answer that will not be a viable guess again until 2027. It also helps me choose likely guesses as opposed to words that might be too obscure or excluded for whatever reason.

There are plenty of websites that can help you figure out the Wordle puzzle based on known factors. The goal of my spreadsheet is to help me think the puzzle through efficiently, and without the use of answer generators. I tend to solve the puzzle in 3 or 4 guesses, through process of elimination.


I don't have a team of people to help me. I update this spreadsheet when I can, usually a few times per week.

There may be the occasional spoiler if I update the spreadsheet the same morning I complete the puzzle, but I keep the list sorted by the oldest Puzzle ID so that you might avoid seeing a spoiler until you sort by Date.

Happy Wordling.


I have played games and enjoyed puzzles my entire life
and am sharing some tools I use for popular puzzle games.

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